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we specialize in design villas, luxury residences
Since 2013, I have been regularly visiting Singapore
the most developed place in the world, which offers a wealth of inspiration.
We collaborate with the strongest architects in the region.
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Luxury Real Estate
Villas, Residences and Interiors

We are a group of creative people working in the segment of luxury constructions. We are architects, designers, planners. We specialize in projects of modern luxury family homes. We are with you from the inception of the idea to its complete development in the form of an implementation project for the building, interior, exterior. We have our own authorial handwriting, we know what we are doing and we are good at it.

First Contact with the Architect

Email. We need to know where you plan to build, the planned size of the house, the amount of investment in the construction when completed. If it’s an order for us, we will promptly send you a price quote, method of implementation and payment of the project, a detailed scope of our services, a schedule, and required documents.

How We Work

We have an established way of working on projects. We work according to our guidelines, the entire process is under control and the planned schedule becomes a reality.

Initial Meeting

When signing the contract, we will go through the requirements for the planned house in as much detail as possible. For each floor of the house, we will list all the rooms, requirements for their minimum or maximum areas and dimensions. We will describe as accurately as possible the idea of an ideal house, ideal rooms. We will look into the zoning plan and the budget that you plan to fit into.

Site Inspection

After signing the contract, we start with a site inspection. We will need from you a topographic map and a site plan, precise definition of the area in question. It is good to secure these documents even before signing the contract so as not to waste time.

First Draft

When conceiving the first draft, we work with your notes and your idea of an ideal house composed of ideal rooms. Defining the ideal room for us is very simple. Assembling a house from these rooms that meets strict aesthetic demands and is exceptional is our part of the work, which makes our projects as exceptional as you know them from our references. It is an art that needs to be presented as best as possible in the first presentation.

Before Delivering the First Draft

First, we will conceive the layout of the house, the placement of rooms, then we will work on the 3D mass of the house and have a design meeting for the draft, where all the present architects look at the draft with the most critical views, in order to adjust and change all the shortcomings of the draft. So far, every single draft has been fine-tuned by several architects. It’s the most fun thing when the mass of the house changes right in our hands, when the windows change, sometimes even many more parts of the house, and our small joint work of art emerges. We make every house as if it were to be the last and best project we have ever done.


The first presentation is personal or via a YouTube video. Videos are great because you can play them again at any time and you can’t interrupt me during the presentation. In personal presentations, I always forgot something after the presentation was interrupted with questions.

Video Animation

Our designs are often better readable from video presentations.

Floor Plans

We have the layout solution processed on floor plans to scale, all rooms are furnished, so you have an idea of their use.

Design Refinement

If you like the first draft right away, we jointly start refining the concept. Minor adjustments, enlargements, reductions do not disrupt the concept of the draft. We finalize the study.

If we didn’t get it right the first time, we’ll go over what’s missing from the design, what’s in the way, and we’ll work with this knowledge on a new concept. Presentation, video animation, floor plans as with the first draft. We continue this way until we achieve the desired state. We typically create up to 3 concepts as standard.

Project for Zoning Decision, Building Permit

We only do all other stages of the project for Slovak projects. If we are preparing an architectural design of the house for you, you have to secure further projects in your country. We will provide your architects with complete digital materials.

After approving the architectural study, we start working on the agreed stages of the project. One architect is responsible for each project with us. (I – Peter Švorc) am never that person. The architect approaches other project professionals of the professions that need to be developed, proposes the way the house functions, selects the technologies used in the house together with you.

Authorities . . .

Every authority in Slovakia interprets the construction law in its own way. If we agree with their interpretation, we respect it, if it limits us, we fight. As soon as we have a valid zoning or combined zoning and building permit, we start working on the interior design project alongside the implementation project.


Within the interior, there is room for precisely defining surfaces, decorations, details, furniture, and other elements that are not included in the scope of the implementation project. In our designs, we work with materials we know perfectly well, where nothing can surprise or threaten the delivery schedule of our services. After all, while working on the interior, other colleagues are working on the implementation project.

Implementation Project

After approving the interior design project, we can complete the implementation project and closely following that, the interior project as well.


Author’s Supervision

This is not the same as construction supervision. It involves consulting with the construction company on how to proceed with the construction, what to be careful about, evaluating alternatives, especially if something is not in stock, or if the implementer has experience and trained people with alternative elements.

For the investor, it’s good to have an architect by their side, who can give advice, check the procedures of the construction company, and monitor the progress of the construction with a professional eye.

Where you can find us

We are part of our coworking spaces, My Residence Showroom & Coworking. We closely cooperate with various construction suppliers, we have samples of tiles, window profiles, facades, etc. at our disposal.

Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
Singapore - WORKING ON IT


Architect Peter Svorc & Partners, s. r. o.
Malinová 1, 08001 Prešov, Slovakia
IČO: 46 774 891, DIČ: 2023 623 646

MY RESIDENCE Luxury Homes, s. r. o.
Malinová 1, 080 01 Prešov
IČO: 36 798 771, IČ DPH: SK 2022 410 962

Ing. arch. Peter Švorc

Bratislava: +421 918 641 270

Prešov: +421 948 790 817

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Each design has its own video presentation, showing how it was created. Furthermore, you will find short videos from constructions, assemblies, interesting facts and generally almost everything that we have uploaded to YouTube.


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Photos from construction sites, details and visualizations, sketches, and sometimes, although rarely, some foreign inspiration from the world or another interesting feature.

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