Architect Peter Svorc
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architect | developer | businessman | traveler | an adventurer
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Peter Svorc
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architect | developer | businessman | traveler | an adventurer
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A group of experienced architects
we specialize in design villas, luxury residences
Since 2013, I have been regularly visiting Singapore
the most developed place in the world, which offers a wealth of inspiration.
We collaborate with the strongest architects in the region.
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Ing. arch. Peter Švorc

The world will never judge you by what you could have become and never were, but by what you really are.

Tomas Bata

My activities

I have multiple activities. When I start to get overworked from designing, I take a break by traveling, for example. I try to use all my activities meaningfully and look for opportunities everywhere. If I’m already working on something, it has to work.


As an architect, my small experienced team and I deal mainly with residential projects. We know and are ready to design all kinds of things, primarily people look for us in connection with luxury villas.

[ Architekt Peter Švorc & Partners ]


A small luxury real estate developer. Since we have a lot of experience in the design and construction of technically demanding buildings, we can also ensure the entire construction process ourselves. The first projects are already successfully behind us and we have something in the works.

[ MY RESIDENCE Luxury Homes ]


For us as architects, it is important to have a portfolio of high-quality materials (paving) at our disposal. Over time, we have built a small tile boutique, where you can find quality Italian tiles at favorable prices with excellent service from architects.

[ ObkladyMR ]


Already in 2018, we opened a specialized coworking: My Residence Showroom & Coworking Prešov, then we modified our Bratislava studio to My Residence Showroom & Coworking Bratislava. A unique concept for professionals working in the construction industry. In addition to developing contacts and diversifying work life, I reduced the overhead costs of our company. From 2023, we also have a representative office in Singapore.

[ My Residence Showroom & Coworking Bratislava ]
[ My Residence Showroom & Coworking Prešov ]


A modern house of the near future. I wrote a 400-page book about my activities. Slovak-English mutation. Portfolio of projects, technologies, trends, travel,… There is a separate website dedicated to this book with all the details:

[ more info ]


Every year I travel to Singapore and from there to other Southeast Asian countries, where I find a lot of inspiration and a little relaxation. I am willing to share my Asian contacts and experiences. Follow my activities, if I announce a business mission to Singapore, contact me.

[ Visit Singapore ]

Social networks

Follow my work and semi-work activities on social media. networks, ideally have my newsletter sent to you. Facebook is great in that I can share everything. From video, through images and texts, even without images. Mostly photos get on Instagram. On these communication channels, I present and share what is not suitable for our specialized „Facebook“ or any other… For example, real estate sales, various trainings, travel experiences and the like.


I have multiple playlists on YT. Among the most sought after is the list with video animations of our luxury villa designs, some of our buildings also have their own lists where I record their step-by-step realizations. Among the videos, you will also find travel videos and videos about tiling and paving.


My public persona’s Facebook page. I mostly share videos from YT and my current activities here. I also share the images in duplicate on Instagram.


No need to write much about it.


I consider e-mail to be the best form of communication. I also share something on our company blogs, but I prefer to know who I am sending the information to. By filling out this form, you will subscribe to my current news.

A day has 86,400 seconds.


Tomas Bata

Time management

The increasing number of unplanned phone calls disturbed me during my creative work, during which I need 3 to 5 hours of maximum concentration. Random meetings and chatter in the meeting created shifts in other meetings, delays and a lot of stress. These facts also forced me to manage my time responsibly. I use the Calendly application, with which I can arrange an undisturbed time for a phone call or meeting without being disturbed at work or under stress. So much flavor and so little time.


I use the Calendly application to arrange personal/virtual meetings and phone calls.

If you are our customer or business partner, or after our communication, select the appropriate length of the meeting, then in the Calendly window, the date and then the time of our meeting.


If you are not our customer, but you want to consult, use the format of consultation with an architect. More about consultations.

15 min

let's arrange a short meeting or phone call

30 min

let's arrange a short meeting or phone call

45 min

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