We are currently focusing on expanding our architectural services outside Slovakia. We want people around the world to know how we design.

The first step for me is to arrange a meeting with the client where the property will be developed – anywhere in the civilized world. After become thoroughly familiar with the customer’s requirements for functionality and design, we prepare the first concepts and sketches and I consult with them personally. A visit with a customer lasts 5-7 days. Afterward, I fly back to the studio and part of the team continues working on the project. There are further consultations via Skype, supported for instance by Dropbox. For more information, please contact me:



Single-family houses

Designing single-family houses is our strongest area and every year we design about ten homes. This number has been rising every year as our team grows.


We design the interiors of family homes, residential units and shops, among others.

Housing units and other buildings

An important part of what we do is to design hotels, entertainment venues, restaurants and office buildings