Operation of studio architect Peter Švorc & Partners by experts in various job positions. Keys are skilled architects, businessmen as well as other collaborators who complete the whole work team and ensure its smooth running.


Architect – Senior Architect

Position suitable for a young creative person. From the first days of cooperation, we expect rapid orientating the architect in business processes. Collaborator on this job position must know, how the firm works. Consequently, when understood and accepted corporate culture and perfectly handle the architectural profession can move up the career ladder. At the beginning of cooperation he or she works on finalizing the architectural design, the visuals, presentations, on implementation projects and obtaining the necessary skills from the architect expected to form in SUDAL with our philosophy and their work will satisfy even the most demanding client. As a senior architect provides his expert advice to the younger colleagues. With increasing responsibilities and tasks are shared with their colleagues and subordinates leads them. Ideally, we are partnering with regional branches and directly participates in the profits and relieves management studio.

- Revit
- Sketchup
- presentation of the work done
- independence and assumptions people or be an individual specialist

Interior Designer

The position is suitable for a creative person with exceptional sense for details. The candidate is expected to be able to quickly react to clients requirements, to be familiar with construction materials and production technologies of basic interior elements. Welcomed are candidates with a good awareness of current designer trends.

Business Manager

This position is suitable for a young creative person. During the first days he or she gets acquainted with most corporate documents that are dedicated to marketing, production and project preparation as well as client, supplier and associate databases in order to familiarize themselves with the company operation. Subsequently he or she prepares marketing and sales concept and after approval by the company management implementation of new ideas will start. The role of the business manager is newsletter preparation and commercial / sales documents drafting, such as promotional items, web innovation, printed materials, updating contracts etc. In brief, business manager┬┤s role is to facilitate the approached person to become a satisfied client of us and to contractually oversee project suppliers. He or she also provides customer service and acquires feedback as well as references.

- creativity, creativity and creativity
- rational thinking
- independence and persuasiveness
- leadership and team formation

Graphic designer + Copywriter

This job position is suitable for an architect. Graphic designers are expected to prepare creative designs of printed materials, business cards, presentations, landing pages or other promotional and presentation items. Occasionally, he or she produces accompanying texts included in the video presentation or web. This position can be also part-time.


Assistant is responsible for administrative assistance to all members of the studio, primarily to director and business manager.